How can you help your buyers buy?

May 2, 2023
4 mins

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There are some key trends shaping the future of B2B sales:

  • Increasing use of technology and automation: AI- generated emails, call transcripts have found their way into the sales processes.
  • Growing importance of data: Monitoring and tracking data regularly to get the best insights for decision-making has become a priority.
  • Rise of remote work and virtual selling: Working remotely means transforming the entire sales process into a digital setting and finding the best practices to collaborate and communicate in this environment.
  • Increasing emphasis on customer experience: With Net Revenue Retention(NRR) becoming a key metric, meeting buyers where they are and personalizing each interaction has become key to making the buying experience easier.

What are the best practices that you should follow to keep up with these trends? What should you avoid to not fall off the wagon?

Here’s how you can enable and empower your buyers:


  • Curating sales collateral and third-party information in one place.
  • Offering multiple channels of engagement (Slack/Teams, text, digital rooms).
  • Dripping personalized and timely content to keep buyers engaged.
  • Engaging with multiple stakeholders involved in the buying decision.


  • Making buyers jump through hoops to obtain necessary information.
  • Relying solely on email communication, especially with multiple stakeholders.
  • Gating information behind mandatory calls.
  • Using content without tracking engagement to assess effectiveness.
  • Sending the same generic content to every stakeholder.

Empowering internal champions to sell:

  • Recognizing the value of internal advocates within customer organizations.
  • Enabling and supporting champions to promote and sell your solution internally.

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