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With SaaSMonk's AI-driven lead conversions, designed for seamless integration with your existing tools.

The outcomes

With SaaSMonk's suite, your dealership will
Lead Engagement
Appointments Booked
Closing Rate

Empower your sales team

With SaaSMonk, give your team superpowers

Live Chat

Capture more leads with our live chat features

SMS Broadcast

Gain insights for better inventory management with broadcasts


Build automations to quickly validate leads.

AI Powered Conversations

Interact with leads with our bot even while you're away.

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How we make the magic happen

  • Turn more website visitors into leads and repeat customers.
  • Website visitors are helped by real people
  • Gives tailor-made personalised experiences to the customers, maximising your first impression.
  • Connect with customers easily through text messages.
  • Create personalised outbound messages for each visitor
Real Time Insights
  • Gain insights on your visitor's behaviour
  • Run personalised inbound and outbound campaigns
Appointment Scheduling
  • Visitors can book appointments 24/7, any time they want
  • Know what your visitor wants before meeting them in person for better inventory management.
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SaaSMonk has saved us hundreds of hours in sales time, while providing a great and easy-to-use product.

Candice Wu
Product Manager, Sisyphus

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