Key signs for sales teams to shift from DocSend

April 12, 2023
6 mins

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DocSend is a leading document-sharing and analytics platform that revolutionizes how sales and marketing teams engage with prospects and customers. It stands out as the best in its game due to several compelling reasons:

  1. Enhanced Document Control
  2. Real-time Document Analytics
  3. Seamless Collaboration and Feedback
  4. Custom Branding and Personalization
  5. Interactive and Engaging Content
  6. Integrations and Workflow Automation
  7. Robust Security Measures
  8. Intuitive User Interface

Why is docsend so popular?

DocSend is a highly effective tool that helps you streamline your document-sharing process. With its robust analytics, you gain valuable insights into how your shared content is being interacted with. These insights enable you to deliver targeted and relevant information in your communications and follow-up discussions. The best part is that DocSend is incredibly user-friendly, so you can start using it right away without needing extensive assistance or training.

How do they get away with high pricing?

Docsend’s unique capabilities matched with their years of service have gained the trust of the industry, which lets them have the luxury of charging a premium. We can all agree that no one else does it better. 

However, G2 reviews on their pricing have already started to sound bad and it has become rather evident that competitors are offering similar if not better features at very low pricing!

Here’s part of a review from a user on G2 answering “what they disliked about the product” : One is the price, it is very expensive. The other is that it requires the email from viewers, and this results in some rejection.

Just search for “price” in their review section and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

When does Docusend fit your use case?

  1. Don’t use the tool regularly and seek monthly subscriptions
  2. Do not have the time and resources to implement a slightly more complex tool
  3. Trying out multiple use cases at once, eg. Sales and Fundraising at the same time
  4. You have a small sales team with little to no content
  5. Can bear the burden to manage password sharing among all employees

When do you replace Docsend with something better?

Docsend is the best, agreed. But not forever!

Companies keep using Docsend even when they’ve become bigger and their needs are just not met by this tool.

Here’s when you should move on from Docsend:

  1. You have a CRM setup that needs to sync all your shared content
  2. You want to know what content has been created by your team and how your prospects are consuming it all in a single glance.
  3. When your sales team starts using content in their processes and conversations

If any of the above points sound relevant to your business, it’s time to replace Docsend with something better. Having a CRM in place calls for a need to integrate it, and Docsend will charge you - wait for it -  $20/month/user for the most basic Salesforce integration.

Plus, sales teams have to share varying content at different stage of their process, which might be a document or some other multimedia like a loom video, product demo or even an interactive wireframe.

Utilizing the insights from the consumption patterns of these content becomes important to ease the buyers journey. This is equally important to negotiating deals with your prospects.

In his own article the CEO of Docsend describes their product in its title “A tool for better sales negotiation, not enablement” which also includes  this table:

What do we do then? Can we have the best of both? Enter SaaSMonk:

Our product Stories has all the capabilities of a Docsend document but it can do it for all content types, be it an Excel table, a Canva presentation or even a Figma wireframe, you name it!

On top of this, you get advanced analytics features for all of the content in a single place. Other features include creating custom domains, black/whitelisting, CRM integrations, email verification and Workspace collaboration.

All of these features allow you to share all relevant information as and when needed according to how your prospects are consuming it.

Sign up for a free account today!

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