Real-time Expectations: A Game Changer Across Industries

September 19, 2023
5 mins


In just a few short years, our world has witnessed a remarkable transformation driven by technological advancements. The ability to access information, and services, and connect through apps has not only changed our daily lives but has also permanently altered our expectations as consumers. The shift towards real-time interactions has become the new norm, fundamentally changing the way we approach buying decisions. In this blog, we'll explore how real-time expectations have become the new standard for buyers in consumer apps, business apps, and customer service, and slowly changing the expectations of B2B buyers.

Real-time: The New Bar for Consumer Apps

Gone are the days when waiting was considered normal. The evolution of consumer apps has been marked by a shift towards real-time accessibility. Consider the contrast: a few years ago, downloading a song from iTunes and syncing it to your phone before a road trip was the norm. Waiting for a cab at a street corner or eagerly anticipating the release of a movie on DVD at a local store were once acceptable inconveniences. Today, the landscape has changed, everything is now accessible in real-time.

For instance, music streaming services provide instant access to a vast library of songs, and ride-sharing apps ensure a ride is just a click away. This paradigm shift has redefined the consumer experience, with instant updates and live notifications becoming the new expectation.

Real-time: The New Bar for Business Apps

As consumer services embraced real-time capabilities, it became logical to expect the same efficiency in the workplace. Just a few years ago, collaboration across departments involved emails and waiting periods. Expense reports were submitted monthly after collecting receipts, and collaboration on launch plans meant navigating versioned Excel spreadsheets.

The new breed of web apps has shattered these barriers, enabling real-time collaboration with colleagues globally. This shift has not only increased productivity but has also brought a new level of agility to business operations.

Real-time: The New Bar for Customer Service

The transformation to real-time customer service happened at an astonishing pace. Traditionally seen as conservative, customer service departments have undergone a technological tsunami, flipping the script on how they operate. The days of calling a hotline and waiting on hold are behind us. With the advent of social media, mobile apps, and real-time video, customers can now connect with service centers in real-time through their preferred channels.

This shift has not only improved customer satisfaction but has also elevated the role of customer service as a hub of innovation within companies.

Real-time: The New Bar for Sales & Marketing

Surprisingly, one area that has been slow to adapt to this mega-shift is the B2B sales and marketing landscape. While other industries have embraced real-time connectivity, the B2B buying process has remained largely unchanged. The traditional lead capture form and delayed response time still define the B2B purchasing journey.

This resistance to change frustrates B2B buyers and hinders valuable selling interactions. However, there is hope for a brighter future. The evolution toward real-time sales and marketing interactions, resembling more natural conversations, is inevitable. The B2B buying process will evolve because what's best for the buyer is ultimately what's best for the business.


The era of real-time expectations has revolutionized the way we approach buying decisions. Whether in consumer apps, business apps, customer service, or sales, the demand for instantaneous interactions has set a new standard across industries. Embracing real-time technology is not just a trend, it's a fundamental shift reshaping our expectations and experiences. As we look ahead, the future of B2B sales and marketing promises more conversational, real-time interactions, aligning with the principle that what's best for the buyer is indeed what's best for business.

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