Unveiling the Power of Video Calls: Engaging Hot Prospects on High-Intent Pages

August 16, 2023
5 mins

In the dynamic landscape of online engagement, businesses are constantly seeking ways to cut through the noise and connect with prospects genuinely interested in their products or services. One powerful strategy gaining momentum is the use of video calls to engage with hot prospects navigating high-intent pages on your website. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of identifying high-intent visitors, leveraging video calls, and executing a strategy to carry your online engagement to new heights.

Understanding the Goldmine: High-Intent Visitors

When you're selling things online, not everyone who visits your website is the same. The really interested people, who are looking around a lot to figure out if your stuff is what they want, are the most promising ones. It's super important to spot these promising folks so you can focus your time and energy on them, instead of spending time with people who might not be that interested.

Distinguishing High-Intent vs. Low-Intent Pages

To embark on a successful video call strategy, it's essential to differentiate between high and low-intent pages. High-intent pages are those where visitors are actively seeking information to make a purchasing decision. These could include product demo pages, pricing pages, or specific solution-oriented content.

Harnessing the Power of Slack Alerts

Before we talk about video calls, let's make sure you don't miss out on important visitors. We're going to use Slack alerts for this. By setting up instant notifications in Slack for visitors who are really interested in your pages, you can talk to them right away and figure out if they're a good fit. With SaaSMonk you can easily create a special group for these high-interest visitors and set up Slack alerts without any hassle.

Maximizing Call Pickup Rates

Speed is the key when dealing with high-intent visitors. As soon as a Slack alert pings, initiate the video call promptly. Research suggests that speed-to-lead is critical in capturing the prospect's attention. When making the call, ensure your video is on, smile, and even wave to add a personalized touch. Let them see the real person behind the screen.

Clever Canned Responses and Humanizing Interactions

The first moments of a video call can make or break the opportunity. Craft clever canned responses to grab the visitor's attention and emphasize your authenticity. A scripted initial greeting, such as "Hey there — how can I help you?" followed by humanizing the interaction and probing for context sets a positive tone.

Qualifying Prospects Efficiently

Qualifying prospects during a video call is an art. Since specific contact information may not always be available, a scripted approach can guide the conversation. Introduce yourself, inquire about their interest, and transition into discovery based on their responses. For instance, if a prospect asks about your product's impact on e-commerce, leverage the opportunity to explore their specific needs.

Bonus Tips for Successful Video Calls

1. Accessing Account Information: Utilize the SaaSMonk’s De-Anonymization data during the call to access crucial account information. Familiarize yourself with the prospect's background to enhance the conversation.

2. On-the-Fly Information Gathering: Be prepared to multitask during video calls. Quick lookups of their company on Clearbit or checking details in your CRM can provide valuable insights, helping you qualify the prospect swiftly.

Sealing the Deal: Giving a Live Demo and Scheduling Next Steps

Once you've made sure the visitor is a good fit in a video call, it's time to show them how awesome your product is with a live demo. Share your screen, point out the important things, and answer any questions they have. After the demo, use the excitement to plan what comes next. It could be another call, sending them more details, or whatever makes sense for moving forward.

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