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We’re looking for a Full-stack Developer with a solid hold on software development principles, and a hunger to learn tech beyond what they’re comfortable with.
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We’re a B2B Marketing platform working to create unique website experiences. We use the latest in web technologies and AI - Next.js, React, Nest.js, Supabase - to build the best user experience possible.

You’ll work with challenging problems so you’ll need to adapt quickly and come up with the best solutions for the situation.

The Path

As a member of the core team here at SaaSMonk you’ll level up as:

  • Developer: work on the latest tech stacks, with guidance as needed.
  • Entrepreneur: experience the life of an early-stage startup. Dabble not just in tech, but design, product, and speaking with users directly.
  • Team leader: By joining us early you have higher chances of leading your own team down the line. Mentor and help set the tone of all those who will join after!

Technical skills that you should have:

  • Strong grasp of software engineering principles, with React, NextJs, Nest.js/Node.js and Typescript experience.
  • Excellent front-end design skills. Should be very comfortable building UI from scratch. Experience with Figma, Tailwind CSS, and Zustand is a plus.
  • DB experience - Postgres / SQL experience will be needed. Experience with Prisma is a plus.
  • Node Backends - We use Nest.js and Next API Routes, but an understanding of/exp with Express will also suffice.
  • Completed projects under their belt - from dev to launch and support.

Must-have skills

  • 1+ years of total software development experience
  • 1+ years of React experience
  • 1+ years of experience with at least one of Next.js or Node.js
  • 1+ years of exp with SQL databases
  • Typescript knowledge
  • HTML/CSS responsive design

Nice-to-have skills

  • Figma, Tailwind CSS and Zustand
  • Prisma
  • Postgres
  • Supabase

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